10 Wedding Chair Decorating Ideas

Planning your big day takes attention to detail to make sure all of your decorations match perfectly. Creating even a small special touch for the chairs in your ceremony or reception can make your theme flow more beautifully throughout your venue.

Try one of these ten chair decorating ideas to get some inspiration for your big day!

1. Adorn each chair with a big ribbon bow.
This cute idea presents each chair like a gift to your guests. You can choose simple white to keep the tone subdued, or go bold with a bright color that matches your flowers for a more impacting look.

2. Create a photo journey for your guests.
Hang framed photos of you and your fiance on the chairs along the aisle. You can choose photos from each of your lives and include photos of your relationship and engagement as well. Match the frames to your color scheme for a unified look that gives your guests a chance to walk down memory lane as they enter.

3. Tie simple ribbons to hang from each chair.
This easy idea can also help you save on your budget. Just tie 3-4 ribbons to the back of each chair, allowing the remainder to trail down to the ground. This whimsical look is perfect for outdoor weddings.

4. Use colored chair pads for a splash of color.
Add colored pads to each chair for extra color throughout the venue. This can help you add warmth and color to the ceremony or reception even if the chairs are arranged close together.

5. Add a garland to the back of each row.
Attach a garland made of tree boughs, ribbon, or fruits to the back of each row of chairs. This creates a more cheerful look without having to attach decorations individually to each chair.

6. Use chair covers for a completely new look.
Using pre-made chair covers for your wedding allows you to choose the exact look you want for your chairs, and they are simple to use. Pick your favorite color and design, then slip the cover over each chair for an easy decoration.

7. Tie a lace ribbon around each chair for a sweet antique look.
A wide lace ribbon can be arranged on each chair for a homey, nostalgic look. You can even dye lace to match the other colors in your decorations for a more unified look.

8. Add fresh flowers to each row of chairs.
At the ends of each row, attach a small vase to fill with flowers that match your bouquet. This creates a fresh feeling that’s perfect for springtime weddings, and the extra floral touch looks great in photographs.

9. Create a simple burlap rose for rustic weddings.
If your theme is simple and rustic, a beautiful burlap rose is the perfect chair decoration. Wrap a piece of burlap around each chair and secure in place with a rose made by wrapping the burlap around itself.

10. Add an elegant satin sash.
For a more elegant feel, add a long satin sash to each chair. Allow the sash to trail all the way to the floor for a long, sleek appearance.

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