4 Sure Shot Ways To Make Her Say Yes To Your Proposal

You’ve found the women who you want to be a part of your life, and you are ready to settle with her for good. All you need to do is ask that four-word question she has been dreaming about since her childhood.

The problem is you are stumped on how to proceed. From quirky ideas like hidden proposal boxes, to bake treats concealing proposals, it has all been done before. You want something new, that you can personalize to show her that she is not just any woman; she is the love of your life. That’s why you want to ensure that your engagement proposal goes beyond her expectations…

Here are some creative ideas to catch her off guard:

Choose the ring she would love

The cherry on top of a proposal should always be an engagement ring. Like the proposal, make sure that it fits her taste and personality: if she’s one for the tradition, then a solitaire ring makes an ideal choice. If she hasn’t talked to you about her choice of jewelry, then a safe bet would be to go for a ring that falls in line with the latest engagement ring trends.

Many women prefer a hint of hue to create added beauty. According to Front Jewelers, colored diamond rings such as blue diamond engagement rings are the most popular types of diamond engagement rings. The stones in these rings are fancy color diamonds that are cut to show their inner fire. Such choices will make her be overjoyed to say yes.

Sing her favorite song

If you have a nice voice, singing her favorite song might be the way to flatter her. Randomly play the song and start singing it when she is with you. This can be a private affair; however, if you want to make it memorable, sing to her in public.

You also need to know if she is the type to get uncomfortable in public easily. If she is not, arrange some vocalists at the place where you decide to propose her. Breaking into her favorite song will surprise her, but others joining will leave her mesmerized.

Set up a scavenger hunt

You could set up a scavenger hunt that begins at her house and takes her on a journey to all of your memorable places – a place where you shared a special moment, your favorite restaurant, where you first met and so on. Leave riddles and clues that lead her to the final destination.

You must be creative with the clues to leave her awestruck from start to finish: pictures and gifts would make her feel special, or you could even guide her through romantic notes. At the end of the hunt, make sure you’re waiting on one knee ready to surprise her.

Be creative while she’s asleep

Surprise her to a point where she does not even know that a proposal is happening. Slip a ring on her finger in the middle of the night if she is a heavy sleeper. You need to run some tests to be sure she does not awake to anything touching her.

And if she already wears a casual ring, replace it with the engagement one and wait for her reaction when she wears it without realizing. For something even bold, empty her jewelry box while she’s asleep and place the ring in the last drawer.

It is your task to sum up years of your relationship. Follow these ideas to customize your proposal and make sure she knows the proposal came from your heart.

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