5 Gift Ideas For The Jewish Woman

Struggling to pick out a gift for the Jewish woman in your life? Whether she’s observant or not, she’ll appreciate the gifts on this list!

1. Judaic-themed Jewelry

What woman doesn’t love jewelry? Even a modest Jewish woman can appreciate the elegance and craftsmanship of fine jewelry. Show the Jewish woman in your life that you appreciate her and respect her culture with Jewish inspired jewelry. A simple sterling silver Star of David pendant is something she can always wear. Wearing it over her clothes or underneath them she’ll be reminded that you care.

2. Soothing Shabbat Candles

For the observant Jewish woman, one thing she can never have enough of is Shabbat candles! Shabbat candles symbolize the feminine light and are lit every Friday. It is the duty of a Jewish woman to light the Shabbat candles in order to make sure harmony prevails in her home. Giving her beautiful Shabbat candles is a gesture she won’t forget.

Don’t let her settle on white candles for the sake of frugality. Shower her with Shabbat candles made from beeswax, candles with designs, and even Shabbat candles that are carved. It’s a gift that expresses her importance to you as a guiding light and one that will evoke peace in her home.

3. Kiddush Cups

Give her something that has both beauty and function. A Kiddush cup can come in any shape or size. Quite often silver goblets are used. With the right Kiddush cup the Jewish woman in your life will have not only something elegant to display in her home, but also something she can practice Shabbat with. Let her know that you honor her faith and tradition.

Most Jewish women are too modest to purchase an extravagant Kiddush cup and may just be using a regular cup. A decorative Kiddush cup is surely something she doesn’t already have and something she’ll love!

4. Pretty Pomegranate

In Jewish culture, it is the pomegranate that is the fruit of wisdom. Giving a Jewish woman a pomegranate-inspired gift tells her you appreciate the intricacies of her culture and value her input. Get her jewelry with pomegranate designs in silver that she can wear with anything or find something that displays the color that’s as vibrant as her personality. The shape, texture, and color of the pomegranate fruit translate beautifully into jewelry!

5. Tantalizing Tichels

Traditionally worn by married women, tichels or head coverings are becoming a new staple in Jewish fashion. Perfect for the Jewish woman who wants to adhere to modesty tenets and even for the Jewish woman who takes joy in traditional items. Head coverings come in a wide variety of colors and styles. With a beret or headband style covering, she doesn’t even need to hide her gorgeous hair.

Let her know you think she’s beautiful by presenting her with a tichel. Jewish headscarves are symbolic of protecting a woman’s inner beauty. Let her know that you value her for the love and light that shines from within.

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