5 Tips for Selecting a Timeless Wedding Dress That Won’t Go Out of Style

Some brides are keen to wear the latest haute couture creations on their wedding day while others want something that’s funky and off the beaten path in order to put their personality on display when they walk down the aisle. Some like to sex it up with sheer panels and plunging necklines while others prefer to look like a princess, complete with gigantic skirts and a tiara. But while every bride will have her personal preferences when it comes to the wedding gown, most women just want to look and feel beautiful. Some are hoping to pass a wedding dress on to a daughter one day. And the vast majority hope that their photos won’t look dated ten, twenty, of fifty years down the line. In this case, you might be seeking a wedding dress that offers a classic, timeless appeal. Here are a few tips that should help you to find the perfect dress for now and for later.

  1. Simple silhouettes. The silhouette you choose for your dress may depend largely on your body shape and what will best flatter it. But if you want to look timeless on your wedding day, the trick is to keep the silhouette as simple as possible. There is no shortage of designers that play with silhouettes in creative ways with the goal of taking fashion to the next level, but you don’t necessarily want to go with experimental shapes on your wedding day. If you want an example, compare Princess Diana’s voluminous confection of a dress with Kate Middleton’s more timeless and classic lace number. Di went with the style that was popular at the time, but it’s hard to imagine anyone today wearing those gigantic puff sleeves.
  2. Coverage. You don’t have to dress like a puritan, covered from neck to ankles, in order to get the timeless look you crave, but neither should you show an excess of skin. If you want a look that will stand the test of time, it’s probably a good idea to keep two things in mind. First, consider what your mother would think of the amount of coverage. Then think about what you might want your future daughters to see. This should help you to determine the appropriate amount of coverage. As a rule of thumb, though, if you’re showing skin in one area you should be covered everywhere else.
  3. Minor embellishments. The more stuff you add to your dress, the more likely it will lose its timeless appeal. Whether you want to add lace, florets, beading, pleating, cutouts, or other adornments, you need to take a moment to seriously consider what you’re adding to the overall ensemble and whether or not the dress looks better with or without it. You don’t necessarily have to go with a milquetoast gown, but less is more when it comes to embellishments, and a little restraint on your part will definitely help you to achieve a more classic feeling.
  4. Vintage. Not all vintage clothing is going to be timeless, so you need to be selective if you opt for a vintage gown. But whether you’re wearing a dress that’s been in your family for years or you go wedding dress shopping at vintage outlets in search of the perfect frock, keep in mind that it’s not blasphemy to alter a dress. It has to be cut and sewn to fit you anyway, so if you want to modernize it a bit or remove elements that were trendy for the time (but have since fallen out of fashion), you shouldn’t feel bad about doing so.
  5. Professional help. Most women don’t wear formal gowns very often, so you might not have a good idea of what defines a timeless style. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone and hazard a guess. The professional consultants at shops like Allure Bridals and Kleinfeld Bridal are qualified to offer advice and help you find the style that will not only flatter your shape and make you look like a million bucks on your special day, but that will provide you with the beautiful, classic photos that you can treasure for a lifetime.

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