Finding a great San Francisco Caterer

When you are planning your own event you want to make sure that everything goes perfectly. This includes the food that is served at your event. Food serves as a way of connecting people and easing them into comfortable conversation. When you hire a caterer you are looking for something more than someone that can cook well, you are looking for a company that can provide a friendly and warm atmosphere through their food and presentation. Here are some things to look for when you are considering San Francisco caterer.


Depending on how you wish to serve food at your event you will want to make sure that the owner and wait staff is friendly. Having rude servers can ruin your entire event, which can lead to failed business mergers or bad memories for your family and friends. When you meet with a catering company, be sure to tell them that you not only expect tasty food but a professional demeanor out of their staff. If you really want to see how the wait staff acts when you are considering a catering company ask for a test dinner with staff members serving you.


Flexibility is important quality to have in a caterer. In an area as diverse as San Francisco, you will want to make sure that you have a caterer that is able to make dishes able to fit different diets based on health needs and religious dietary limits. Ask the caterer if they are willing to be flexible on the menu for your event or to allow you to have a menu that is specific for your event. If the caterer is not able to come to a compromise with you on the menu, keep looking. An excellent caterer will go the extra mile to please their customer.


Experience is an important factor when you are considering hiring a caterer. While there are many talented caterers that don’t have much experience they are unlikely to know how to properly manage and cater for a large event. An experienced caterer knows all of the ups and downs that can occur during an event and will be able to manage setbacks better than a new caterer. Caterers that have been in business for a long time are still business because they know how to properly throw an event and give great customer service. When looking for a caterer you will want to hire a catering company that has been operating for at least a few years.

When looking for a San Francisco caterer, be sure to look at reviews or testimonials that are available on websites such as yelp. This will give you an idea about whether you should look into a particular catering company. These advice will allow you to learn from other people’s unpleasant experiences with some San Francisco caterers. Keeping these three factors in mind you can make sure that you find a great professional and talented caterer for your event.

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