How to select shoes for yourself?

select shoes

Before getting the decision of buying shoes, quickly go over the budget issue. Although, with custom shoes – so usually more than thousand dollar – you will have an incomparable comfort and a unique achievement quality! Conversely do not expect to find quality leather shoes that last 5, 10, 15 or 20 years with a budget of $ 100/150. This is simply impossible and the one who tells you otherwise is a sacred liar! To buy a nice pair of shoes you have to devote between 250 and 500 dollars. Be careful when buying because once again it’s not because you put $ 400 into a pair of leather shoes that will be good quality. A good choice for you here will be Mephisto men’s shoes.

There are some pointss to check before whether the pair of your dreams worth the price listed on its label. The first one is the quality leather is one of the most important parties! If the leather of your shoes is really good then you will even do your soles because resole let go before mounting the leather. This is not everything but the leather is one of the reasons that may explain the difference in price. You should prefer a full-grain leather. Ideally aniline finishing. This means that the skin has not been slit (that’s the split leather) or even sanded (the corrected grain). It is simply applied thereto, during finishing, a very thin protective transparent layer. At anytime a reputed brand like Mephisto men’s shoes is recommended over local or cheap shoes.

So you have a skin preserved throughout its thickness to be very resistant. This also means that the skin contained very few defects (veins, pitting, etc.). In terms of the animal veal, reputed to be a good compromise between flexibility and strength, is the number one choice for making beautiful pairs of leather shoes. Visually you immediately feel if the leather is beautiful.

select shoes

Inspect the closer because, as you look in our leather folder, modern techniques allow for visual miracles starting from a poor quality skin. So check that the grain is as regular as possible and no large visible veins and / or traces of insect bites (it makes no difference to the strength of the leather is just not very nice). Be especially vigilant on smooth and shiny leather.

You can be in the presence of a beautiful box calf aniline finish or face a skin that has undergone countless treatment to hide imperfections and give it a more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and therefore seller! By touch, in the case of a full-grain aniline leather you should experience an incomparable natural. The bookbinders hides or crust coated hand their plastic appearance go, to touch, to feel immediately (plastic sensation.

For suede – velvet or suede – visually you must have a fine appearance and hair and flush when you touch you feel a skin aspect of fishing / velvety very light. If the feeling is “more fat” is the leather was scratched to give this aspect (plus vintage / worn) or you are in the presence of a velvet crust: it is a split leather that has been finely sanded order mimic the rendering of a velvet but your keen eye does not deceive. All these tips will help you in getting a great pair for shoes for yourself.

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