The Ever Practical Cool Money Clip

You need a cool money clip because a large wallet is totally unnecessary at this point of technology and you should look cool instead of presenting yourself as a dork. There are other reasons, certainly, but this would be one example. Most of our financial transactions are handled through our Smartphone’s and other devices. Often, there is no actual need for a full organizational wallet. What you use instead is a highly attractive money clip which simply holds everything you have in terms of transaction material. You end up with a compact and reliable binding of everything you need and it transports with ease due to the compact size.

This money clip is available in different colors with a leather pattern and they work by tightly binding bills to cards, so they force each other together and do not dissociate. This allows you to easily create any arrangement of card and cash order and list holding you wish. The truth is there is more freedom with a cool money clip than there is with something like a large wallet which weighs much and can encumber movement. Also, you really should not carry too much in the way of cash or financial cards in the first place. Only carry what you are going to need for a given period of time to stay on the safe side.

Advantage of Different Colors

Since you get to choose between various colors for your fine money clip, what you can do is buy three or four different colors and either use them for different occasions or for different collective purposes.

For example, if you set aside budgets for fun and recreation and use gift cards and saved cash, you could use a bright red money clip to mark that happy occasion while it holds the budget materials you have available for your personal celebration. If you are in the habit of providing gifts to clients, the money clips make ideal opening or closing gifts, depending on how you want to use them. It is well worth the affordable cost of the money clip to have such gifts to present to potential long term clients.

The different colors available also allow you to accessorize with a bit more external effect than you might typically use. The cool money clip will attract a bit of attention since it is so basic and atypical. You don’t usually see people with a money clip, at least not yet. It will become more fashionable quite soon. So jump into the color scheme however you wish to use it. As you can tell, there are many interesting ways to approach the use of a money clip.

Easy Changing and Stashing

In the world of street smarts, there is an idea of changing and stashing. This is basically a method by which you carry many pockets and stash spots for your money clip. You keep changing locations when people are not looking and you do this for your own protection in case you are being stalked by a pickpocket. Money clips are easy to change and stash, so they have security capacity to them, since they fit easily into most any pocket to hide well.

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