Top 5 Tulle Fabric Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Using tulle as an element of your decorating scheme when it comes to your wedding reception is a no-brainer. This sheer, dreamy fabric is the stuff dreams are made of, and you can use it in so many ways to create the romantic aesthetic you crave for your wedding day. Not only can you use it to get the flouncy, bouncy wedding gown you’ve always wanted, but here are a few ways that tulle can spice up the decor at your reception.

  1. Table decorations. There are countless ways to decorate your tables at the reception with tulle adornments. The easiest option is to simply place a layer of this sheer fabric over your tablecloths for added dimension, and you can even choose colored tulle for some extra oomph in one or more of your wedding colors. You could also add a runner to a longer table. Or you could place cutouts between nested plates for an unexpected embellishment. You might also tie together your overall look by wrapping sashes or bows around chairs in the same color as the tulle on the table.
  2. Florets. You can do all kinds of decorating with tulle florets. You can use them to ornament tables and chairs, you can hang them from the ceiling, or you can add them to entryways and window casings for extra appeal. And there are a couple of ways you can go. For one thing, you could create florets that are flat on one side so that you can set them on tables or pin them to walls, just for example. But you can also gather bunches to create ball-like florets to hang. With a variety of sizes in your wedding colors hanging from the ceiling you can definitely create some visual appeal overhead. And with a bit of starch you should be able to stiffen up the tulle to make the florets really stand up.
  3. Lighting it up. The combination of lighting and tulle can make for a magical effect, and there are plenty of options. You could, for example, hang strings of lights across the ceiling amidst hanging balls of tulle, you could place battery-operated votives on tables underneath a layer of tulle, or you could simply hang lights from ceiling to floor and surround them with a cylinder of tulle to create pillars of soft lighting. If you’re looking to make your reception more romantic and intimate, this hazy illumination should do the trick.
  4. Nests. One of the most popular uses of tulle when it comes to decorations for a wedding reception is as a wrapping for favors, particularly candy or boxes of chocolates. Of course, you might also use it to wrap up a candle, some novelty soaps, congratulatory cigars, or whatever else strikes your fancy, but if you want to get a little more creative, spiral lengths of tulle to create tiny nests. You can add them to each place setting and rest favors inside rather than wrapping them in tulle and ribbon. It’s a bit of a twist on a classic.
  5. Wall hangings. Tulle is amazingly versatile and you’ll find all kinds of options and colors when you order from sites like paper mart. And whether you go for plain, sparkle, shimmer, or polka dot, you may opt to swath your entire venue in tulle panels, creating a gossamer cocoon in which to celebrate your new vows with your one true love and your wedding guests.

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