Which Type of Hair Extensions are the Best

Women around the world have heard about hair extensions and how they can totally alter the looks of any female, but what are they all about?

You might already know that hair extensions are also known under another name, and that is “hair weaves.” Hair extensions themselves, are lengths of real or artificial hair, which are attached to a woman’s scalp, and therefore add length and/or thickness of natural hair. There are different methods of fastening hair extensions, a couple of which will last a little longer than some others.

Methods of Application

If fitting large amounts of hair, or the hair is expected to stay in place for a length of time, a reputable hair stylist with plenty of experience of dealing in hair extensions in Perth, should be consulted with for the very best of results.

Shrink and Micro Links

Long lasting extensions can be attached to hair with metal rings or keratin tubing. Using this kind of technique, hair is fitted to a small ring or tube, and then clamped to real hair.

  • This has nowadays become a popular method, because of the minimal amount of damage caused to natural hair, and no bond is used which can irritate sensitive skin.


A unique type of glue is used for bonding the extensions with real hair. Small pieces of hair are joined together via this technique.  Hot fusion involves braiding the extension into natural hair and then bonding them all back together with a wax adhesive.

Bonding (AKA Gluing)

This method usually involves using longer wefts of hair, around 6 inches (15.24 cm) long. An adhesive is put on to the roots of the hair prior to a fitting. This is one of the fastest method, and will not last as long as others.


The hair is typically firmly braided near the scalp in rows, and the weft is then sewn into the braid. This method takes time, as the customer’s own hair must be braided first. Women who get this type carried out, declare it as being the best. This can also be more costly, but will last for a long time.

Now it’s up to you to take your pick! And don’t forget to make sure that you use experienced professionals in getting your extensions to look just the way you’ve always dreamed they would look!

  • If you live in WA, find out who can expertly offer you the very best in specialist hairdressing styles and along with a full range of professional beauty services to bring out your very best looks.

With a little research you can contact and consult with professionals who will be more than welcome to have a chat about any information and services which you are seeking!

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