Benefits Of The Brilliant Airbrush Tan

Having naturally pale skin can sometimes be socially compromising. It is fashionable to have a tan. In fact, many people receive derogatory remarks for lacking a tan. This can make a person feel bad about themselves, which is unhealthy. Another thing that is unhealthy, as we have come to understand, is tanning under artificial tanning bed lights and the sun without sunscreen. Of course, minimal sunscreen is used when one is tanning because they want fast results. They also get UVB rays which are associated with skin cancer. Considering options, there is also Airbrush Tan.

If you want a fantastic way to have a premium natural tan look without sun exposure, then airbrush tanning is considered to be the best way and well worth trying, at the very least. The look is quite natural and, when it is done with the proper technique and equipment. Ideally, going to a high-end salon is best, as this will help you get a better job done and avoid a bad tan which is either too dark or even splotchy.

Check the reviews for the Airbrush Tan salon intended for your purposes and find out what people have experienced. Unless you already know someone who has the hook-up on the best airbrush tanning around, reviews are a good way to see real people’s experience.

A very good, experienced spray tan artist will be able to do everything properly. The technique can even be done to accentuate certain body areas. For example, if you have good abs and want to define them with tanning accents, you can and it looks absolutely stunning. Other muscles can be detailed as well. This is a technique used by actors to achieve a hotter look for movies.

When you think about how sun exposure can induce premature aging, the idea of an artificial tan becomes that much more appealing. Think about it. If the idea is to look better, why would you want to age prematurely? It is clearly logical to go along with a nice, artificial tan and get the results you want without the premature aging factor. There is no need to end up looking like a tanned leather bag on legs, which would be a shocking presentation of non-fashionable imagery.

Normally, with proper sun tanning, there is a technique used to achieve a deeper, golden hue to the tan. After tanning, you stay in the dark for hours. This can be quite boring and melancholy. With an Airbrush Tan, this little problem is avoided and everybody is happy. You have the tan perfectly set immediately with the session. With no tan lines at all, it is almost impossible to tell a real sun tan from a tan manifested by airbrush.

In order to keep the tan consistent, it will be necessary to visit the salon at least on a weekly basis. Sometimes these fantastic tans last longer than that. As far as artificial tans go, airbrush tanning is assuredly the longest lasting and the best looking. You don’t end up looking orange, you end up looking naturally and beautifully tanned.



Designer Lehengas – Best Market Places in Delhi

Lehengas are quite frequently bought by many brides across India. In fact, if there is a requirement of awedding in India, then the chances are that the bride would select a lehenga as her dress. Lehengas are not only affluent and traditional; they are also exclusive and quite charming. Lehengas are worn by girls because it allows them to flaunt their style in the best possible way.

Now, we know why the girls love wearing Lehengas. However, do you have any idea about from where the girls get their lehengas? Yes, lehengas are quite popularly worn by all brides, and there is one particular city where they get their lehengas from.

Delhi is the place to be

Delhi is absolutely famous for plenty of things in the world. It is, of course, the capital of India, and it can also be deemed as the fashion capital of the country and possibly Asia. Delhi markets are famous for selling top quality garments, clothes and fashion selections. Each and every single market in the city is renowned for keeping several types of garments.

And, on top of it, every single market is special for one thing or the other. For instance, markets like Chandni Chowk Delhi and Paharganj is famous for giving out inexpensive things at low rates but along with quality. These 2 markets are specifically famous for selling top quality clothes like lehengas or bridal wear lehengas at inexpensive prices.

Apart from that, Delhi is also famous for housing various markets that are upscale.

Branded lehengas

Now lehengas can be of various types. They can easily be made out of several high-quality materials and fabrics. Lehengas can be of various materials like cotton, satin, high-quality silk and even other materials like velvet.

They are mostly made with utmost precision, and they are also designed in the most prolific way. Most lehenga designers always make sure that lehengas are made in a way in which it looks good, is exclusive, is appealing to the eyes, is very royal, is very elegant and is, of course, stylish. Most designer lehengas are quite moderately expensive too, but if you are looking for branded lehengas of various top designers, then the prices can go up.

The pricing

Branded designer lehengas can become quite expensive as the designer who would make the lehenga would be quite famous. These branded lehengas are quite popularly sold at upscale various markets in Delhi. We are talking about places like Karol Bagh, Connaught place, Hauz Khas, Punjabi Bagh, and at stores in South Ex market. These stores are very frequently raided by many ‘to be brides’ in a hope to find a perfect dress for their receptive weddings.

A good quality designer lehenga can start from prices like 10000 rupees to 20000 rupees. However, the branded lehengas can easily cost up to 5 to 10 lakhs worth of rupees. Yes, these Designer  lehengas branded lehengas can be so expensive. So what are you waiting for? Get your bridal lehenga today.

Choose The Right Summer Dress And Flaunt Your Fantabulous Look

Spring is the perfect time to style up and show your feminine side. The spring has arrived, and your wardrobe needs a change. With so many styles and fashion trends, it may be frustrating for you to decide what to wear. To help you pick the right spring dresses, we’ve put together simple buyer’s tips in this article.


A-line dresses are tight at the top, then there is flare below the waist. The tight upper part gives you a very feminine look. A-line dresses are the perfect summer dresses that you can also wear for a formal party or an evening date.

However, you careful in selecting print. Floral prints on cotton are popular in this season, and they are perfect for day wear. While satin A-line dresses with a golden or a silver touch will be ideal for evening wear.

These dresses hide your tummy flaws, giving an illusion of slimmer waist. Therefore, if you have any tires around your waist, this is the dress you should go for. However, don’t forget to wear light accessories to enhance your neck line. Pair of strappy sandals with a loose side bag, and you are ready to hit the road.

Shift dresses

Shift dresses are often sleeveless and they give a very versatile look. This can be worn in any season and for any occasion. These dresses will give you a very polished ladylike look.

Therefore, if you are planning to hit the disc with your friends after office hour, this is the right choice. You just have to change the accessories while you are attending the party and you are good to shake a leg.

The beautiful dress accentuates your figure and enhance your curves at the right places. It is a great idea to cover fat around your hips. Don’t forget to wear stilettos to create an impactful personality. Additionally, an envelope clutch will make you look no less than a model

Maxi dresses

This is the best casual piece to wear for the summers. A long gown usually comes with a deep neckline. At the same time it flatters any type of figure. They are girls’ favorite when they have to get out in the hot sun.

Maxi dresses come in a wide range of colors and prints. You could go through a huge collection of VIPme casual dresses to get the one that pleases you. Sometimes, they offer attractive discounts on bulk purchases. You can buy in bulk and use each of them alternatively. While gladiators are best shoes you can wear with them.

Long shirts

Long shirts are new in fashion and give a very classy look. You can wear them over jeans or tights or you can simple wear them without anything underneath. These long shirts usually come with a belt and give a very casual look. Long summer boots are suggested, which will enhance your overall appearance.


Whatever dress you buy, the most important thing is comfortable. Additionally, you cannot be out of the latest fashion trends as well as Mix and match to create the perfect look and stylish statement of your own.

6 Essential Combos of the Summers of 2016!

The steaming summers are standing at a distance and all the girls are found to be deeply involved and busy in making preparations for it to arrive! Wardrobes are being opened up and apparels are being turned upside down, in the rigorous search of some stylish outfits to pop up. To make it easier for you all, listed below are the 6 hot online Western dresses combos that you must try wearing this summer season. So, glance through the pointers carefully and then just rush to shop them right away:-

  • Shorts & Printed Shirt

Go all the way jazzy with a colourful shirt having a quirky print on it! Pair it up nicely with a pair of denim shorts this summer season and keep soaring the heat of the already hot summers with your trendy avatar! Beautiful collection of printed shirts for girls are available online these days.

  • Top & Skirt

A knee length printed skirt worn with a plain simple top is enough to cool you down in the scorching heat outside. You can very conveniently carry this look to your office sometimes and scatter your charm all around! Skirts are actually the best of options to sail through the hotness of summer.

  • Sunny Dress

Step out wearing a pretty dress to dodge away from the pricking heat of the overhead sun in summers. And as far as possible, go on choosing sunny colours to shine like a cool star!

  • Halter Top & Slit Maxi Skirt
    A stylish halter top goes amazingly well with a sexy slit maxi skirt! So, this year go on beating the summer heat with this combination.
  • Check Shirt & Jeans

Check shirts for girls have always been an all time safest choice for the girls! These shirts radiate utter charm when paired up with jeans and bring out the best of you.

  • Crop Top & Dungarees

Crop tops speak of the latest trend in today’s date! So, make a fashion move from your end by teaming up a crop top and a dungaree together. It will come out to be a fabulous combination to go chic casual!

Get Formal Trousers and Shirts for Women without Waiting for Long in Queue

Most of the people nowadays are probably not accustomed to wearing formal clothes. Instead, they tend to dress in more casual clothing in a wide manner as there are fewer occasions where formal clothes are demanded. But that does not imply the fact that there is no requirement of wearing such clothes.

Proper Formals – Enhancing Personality

When the occasion of putting up a suit as well as tie arises, you really feel somewhat uncomfortable. In order to get prepared for the same, you need to opt for formal trousers as well as shirts for women at Forever 21 in order to make those accessories feel better. A proper and appropriate combination of formals will enhance the level of your confidence.

In case you are not familiar with the techniques associated with putting them, then it is better you take thebest advice and tips from experts in order to confirm the way it comes all together. It has been found that people generally struggle with ties and cufflinks. In order to know the best ways of wearingthem, you need to consult experts to fetch the best answer.

Learn How to Wear the Dresses

The Internet will also help you a lot. Fortunately, there are plenty of online videos that are helpful in demonstrating the ways things must be worn. Please note that wearing wrong clothes at formal events may sometimes lead to provide a down look along with being highly offensive.  There are some places where you need to maintain the dress codes along with themes.

That goal can be reached by simply putting on well tailored and up to the mark formal dresses. A wide range of formal wears is available to wear for both men as well as women. The stores nowadays store different ranges of formal wear. Formal wear is all about the collection one needs to wear for office purpose.

formal trousers and shirts for women

Dressing – Plays an Important Role

Corporatization of the working department has made dressing up for the office an important part. Even many companies are paying their employees to get their wardrobe done up to the mark. Formal office wear generally drops down to suits as well as ties. Men generally go for formal shirts with ties and women opt for skirts and trousers.

At present, there are high-end brands that cater specifically to such requirements. In thecase of any event where formal dresses are required, then a wide range of choices galore for women. Both men and women hold a wide range of choices in their hands. Formal dresses that one puts on occasions generally include formal evening gowns to dinner dresses. There are cocktail parties during which women prefer putting on cocktail dresses. Different countries have different styles of dresses that are considered to be formal.

Formal Pairs from Forever 21 – Best Choice

But among all, formal shirts, as well as trousers, hold such a professional look which has made it a dress code. Such a good combination enhances and upgrades the total personality of an individual. Whenever there is any dignitary visit or animportant meeting, formal pairs from Forever 21 will be the best choice.

Why are micro-ring hair extensions the future of the hair extension market?

Nowadays you see so many different variations of hair extension that it is often difficult to keep a track of what you want as well as what the best product out there is. Everything that we do and every decision that we make usually revolves around money, and in this instance the majority of people are going to be looking for the most cost-efficient extension, which they will always assume will be the clip-on extension and further to this the synthetic clip-on extension. Whilst in a short-term environment these extensions are obviously going to be at the top they are low quality, unsafe and also an extension that should never be purchased or worn by anybody. As much as there are going to be some people that will insist in going for this much cheaper option I implore you to reconsider this particular extension type if you are thinking about it. Clip-on extensions are a reasonable product to pick up but synthetic extensions will never act in the same way as human hair will and to me are obsolete as a product.

The predominant reason why you would want to pick up micro-ring hair extensions for yourself is because of the fact that they are overall considered to be the very best of the hair extension market in terms of quality and service given. These extensions are only made from human hair extensions and are attached through a non-bonded method which makes them completely safe as well as the most natural looking and seamless hair extensions that you will find out there. It is for this reason that these hair extensions are also considered excellent for those that have extremely short or thin hair and can’t usually get hair extensions because the attachments are likely to show. With the assistance of micro-ring extensions it is possible for you to turn your life around completely and have the very best look for yourself with hair extensions that allow you to seamlessly look as if your hair is at a proper length and thickness and wow your friends as well as strangers and admirers aswell.

Whilst it is not clear how and why anyone would not choose these hair extensions the cost is usually what unfortunately comes into play, and admittedly the up-front cost for micro-ring hair extensions is a lot. However, some things with a high up-front cost are considered to be a great long-term investment, and this is absolutely true when it comes to micro-ring extensions. Whilst they are obviously going to be a problem for those that have little money to invest, if somebody has saved up enough to cover the initial cost of the extensions they can turn out to be very cost efficient if they are kept well. Some of these extensions have even been know to last for over 2 years with semi-regular touch-up sessions, which for the initial investment are incredible and can even make them cheaper over time than the low quality clip-in extensions that you are able to purchase. You may Find quality hair extensions from a reputed salon as

Buy Salwar Kameez Online in Elaborate Designs and Patterns

When you are looking at traditional clothing like, Salwar Kameez, you can browse online Salwar kameez in straight cuts, anarkali designs, umbrella cuts, etc. The starting range of Salwar kameez that you purchase online will be less than two thousand. For an affordable price, you will find online Salwar kameez purchase to be a better choice. You will find straight Salwar suits that look good on petite figures. If you are slightly on the heavier side, then go for the asymmetrical cuts and patters. Also, choose dark colors like blue, maroon, etc if your are slightly on the heavier side. Online Salwar kameez is for one and all.

If you are short in height, then buy Salwar kameez online that is not very long in length. You will find full length anarkalis online that suit tall people very well. You can go for the straight cut suits too if you are short in height. You can buy Salwar kameez online that comes in a variety of layered patterns. When you buy Salwar kameez online, you will also get them in customizable patterns and designs. A full length anarkali can cost you anywhere between three to five thousand rupees. You will also find anarkalis and Salwar suits in offbeat colors like, slate grey, mixed fabric and laces.

Salwar Kameez Online
When you buy Salwar kameez anywhere in your local market, you might not get very good designs and patterns and also the size might not fit you very well as they are not customizable when you buy them at your local market. But, when you buy Salwar kameez browsing online, you will get a very large variety of these clothes in patterns and designs at variable costs. You can compare prices on a variety of shopping portals and make a purchase. Cbazar has one of the best designs and patterns for Salwar kameez and other clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. Buy Salwar kameez that is layered or embroidered, all are available at reasonable price.

Salwar kameez is the kind of clothing that looks great on women of any size and shape. Whether you are thin or obese, this is one piece of clothing that can never go wrong in making a fashion statement. Buy these clothes online and gift them to your family and friends on their special occasions. You will find typical Punjabi patterns, wedding patterns, anarkalis, long and short Salwar suits, etc online. Even if you are looking at the unstitched patterns, you can simply buy the dress material for Salwar kameez as well.
When you buy unstitched material, you can get customized stitching done with your local tailor for a lesser price. You can look into the catalogue for a variety of patterns and designs. You can either wear a minimalistic design or an elaborate pattern. You can also choose from a variety of fabrics when you buy these unstitched materials online. You get them in silk, georgette, cotton, satin, tussar silk, etc.

Top 5 Women’s Suit Shopping and Tailoring Tips

There are basic staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe, like the perfect LBD to dress up or down for any occasion, a variety of fitted blazers, and a comfortable pair of heels that you can dance the night away in. However, women often overlook the value of a good suit. If you’re a professional woman, you may employ suits daily for your job. But a fantastic suit will offer a lot more versatility, and even women who don’t work in an office setting will find that having the right pieces on hand can make for dozens of potential outfits thanks to mix-and-match opportunities. Of course, shopping for a suit may be foreign territory, even for self-proclaimed fashionistas. So here are just a few tips and tricks that will help you to find the suit that suits you perfectly.

  1. Look for three pieces. A 3-piece suit for a man comes with slacks, a jacket, and a vest. For a woman, a 3-piece suit includes slacks, a jacket, and a skirt. And having two bottoms on hand provides you with a lot more options for putting together outfits. You just need to make sure that all three pieces are what you want, and this can be difficult. Ideally, you’ll be able to buy them as separates so that you can get the best style and fit for each piece. But more likely you’ll be stuck buying at least two pieces as a set and then adding the third, or buying all three pieces as a combo. If this is the case, don’t settle for even one piece you don’t want and won’t use. Keep looking or consider purchasing two suits; one with a skirt and one with slacks. In truth, it couldn’t hurt to have two color options in your closet.
  2. Go for soft shades. You don’t necessarily have to buy suits in pastel hues, but consider skipping traditional black or navy, which can be rather harsh on most skin tones (especially under bright office lighting) and opt instead for softer neutrals like cream, tan, taupe, or light gray (at least one should flatter your particular skin tone). When paired with pops of color in the blouse, shoes, and accessories, you can make a light, neutral suit look chic and stylish. And you’ll avoid the washed-out appearance that black or navy can evoke.
  3. Opt for flattering shapes. It’s surprising how few women understand how to dress in order to flatter their shape. Many women, perhaps in an effort to hide problem areas, end up opting for suits that are boxy or too big. But the most flattering suits are going to fit close to the body and hug your curves. And if they’re structured correctly, they’ll innately help to camouflage flaws. Look for jackets that nip in at the waist, flair slightly to the hip, and feature seaming details. If you have a large bust, look for a higher stance (more buttons) and avoid bust pockets. For slacks, wide or straight leg options are the most universally flattering and you should probably avoid pleats at all costs. Skirts should be about knee length, and while pencil skirts are popular, A-line options will flatter any figure.
  4. Pay for quality. Consider that a suit is an investment for at least the next several years, and you’re going to get a lot of use out of this basic garment. So it’s worth it to spend more on high-quality textiles and tailoring in order to ensure that your suit lasts longer than the average off-the-rack, department store find.
  5. See a tailor. It is extremely rare for women’s suits to fit perfectly right off the hangar, so if you want to make the most of this starter piece, you need to take it to a tailor for alterations. This is especially important for women because bust sizes vary so widely. The trick is to find a jacket that fits at your largest part, whether that happens to be your bust or your shoulders, and then have the rest tailored down to size. The same goes for slacks and skirts, which have to fit at the hip but can be nipped in at the waist and shortened at the hem. When a suit is tailor fitted it shows, and you’ll look like a million bucks by spending just a few extra for tailoring.

Finding A Special Dress For Your Special Day Is Really Important

Finding a perfect dress for the prom can be a very hard task. With so many styles and designs available for you to choose from, it is really overwhelming to select a prefect dress for the prom night. But when you are making a choice of dress for your prom night then better choose one that suits you and your unique style. And prom night is a very special day in your school life so you cannot compromise without selecting the best dress for you.

Few years ago prom night dresses were long prom dresses which would be ankle length or even longer. But now the style has changed completely changed. Short prom dress is now considered to be the most fashionable and appropriate dress for the prom night. Short prom dresses are also as comfortable as the long dresses and you should spend as much time as possible to find the right dress for your night. The most important point to be considered when you are selecting the prom dress is the comfort and the dress should make you look lovely.

For people who have no time to spend time searching for prom dresses can go for online shopping of prom dresses. You have many online stores available which offer wide range of fantastic short prom dress which will emphasize your long and well toned legs. These online stores only sell good collection of prom night dresses but also will have a wide of wedding dresses.

An interesting article that was published by Bridal Guide discusses one of the commonest mistakes that brides-to-be make when shopping for an Atlanta wedding gown: being allured by steep discounts offered on sample dresses. The problem, the article infers, is that sample dresses are discounted for a reason; they have been tried on by countless women before you even touched them and are reduced in price to reflect that wear and tear. Often they come with steep and attractive discounts, but generally have a number of flaws that exist in them. Upon closer examination, you might find noticeable discrepancies and damage that could mar your perfect wedding dream day.

The wedding day is a big day in every woman’s life and when you ask any woman what is the most important part of wedding preparation then more than 80 percent of the women would reply it as wedding gown. And yes it is really important part of a wedding. It makes the women look like the best bride of the world and no matter which part of the world you belong to, a woman would love to look like the best bride of the world.

You get many varieties of wedding dress collection in the market or even online and one the styles that is always in demand and in style is mermaid wedding dress. This wedding dress fits the snug to the body and the skirt part of the dress gives a look of fish. The best part of this mermaid wedding dress is that they look good with any sleeve length or neck length. This wedding dress is suitable for both tall and short brides. Brides look really special in this mermaid wedding dresses. So do not waste any more time in searching for which kind of dress would suit you. Go grab a mermaid wedding dress as it will definitely grab the attention of everyone.